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Join the revolution and enter the Universe of BITGAMEPRO
where you can JOIN, PLAY, EARN.

As a BGP Universal Gamer you’ll have access to tournament games, esport event, streaming, online gaming platform with FREE game play, all the while earning cryptocurrency With more to come!

You earn cryptocurrency just for playing. It’s free to join and play. On BGP you can webcast your own channel and start your own community of viewers. In BGP’s universe all games play thrive. You play for free and compete in competition and tournaments while earning crypto.


Bitgamezone, our ecommerce platform, it stands alone in the gaming industry with a competitive method of buying and selling your games.

There is no other company on the planet that compares to this platform. BGP brings you a secure and reliable marketplace platform for all gamers to exchange buy and sell your gaming products and downloadable content.

Not only can you make money by selling by you can also share the revenue by simply recommending your friends.


Bitgamesports is a new community platform that will bring the most epic battles live to your town, city, and country. This will be where you can become a champion in your area and a legend in the world of esports. With our esports tournaments we are going to create history! You the player will be the protagonist of your own story.

Our esports gaming platform will facilitate online and live tournaments, leagues and ladders, and acts as a social gaming community for all gamers around the world. We are the premier destination for competitive and passionate gamers. Bring your skills and join our elite gaming community and show the world who you are in our bitgamesports league!


Streaming is the way of the modern video gaming world. BitgameTV provides a streaming platform for you, the gamer, to show your competitive skills to the world. With unique, simple, and powerful tools where the you will share revenue, not only the streamer will earn but also the subscriber will earn money. Streamers are making on average an amount of $2,500 with our platform you can make much more!!!

Subscribe! And be part of the streaming team!


Wowtiks! There is no other like it! We have provided a way to access gaming events, and sell tickets to your own events, made simple. Wowtiks is quick and convenient to gamers all over the world with one click of the mouse, and our platform is blockchain driven! So it is safe and secure! Bring your events and utilize a simple and easy way to register your events and sale it to the world. Wowticks!


Bitgamepro created “playrzone” the ultimate destination site for a thrilling competitive gaming experience. Gamers! here you have the chance to show off your skills, climb the ladder, and earn money while doing it, meanwhile playing your favorite games you’d normally play. Our tournament site “playrzone” offers only the best and most fair gaming experience to the gaming community. Bring your gaming skills and we will meet you at the zone!